Week Two-Design Storytelling


I made two reflections based on the readings, videos and podcasts that I used in my design creation this week:

1. Vignelli’s Cannon Reflection:

Noticing the Unnoticed: Reflecting on Vignelli’s Cannon

2. Reflecting on “We Are All Artists” and several other resources:

Everyone (Even Fred, the YouTuber?) is an Artist


The Good, the Bad and the Accidental

Daily Creates

Design Assignments

1. For this assignment, I had to rely on what I had learned from Vignelli about typography. The text in this movie poster is almost more iconic than the images, and try as I might, the font from the orginal poster could not be recreated. Altjough I followed the example of the original poster in the way that I oriented the text, I did have to rely on my own sense of balance since the proportions of my poster differed slightly from that of the original. I referenced the Everyone video on Symmetry because of the contrast between the living and the dead, the human and the inhuman, that is represented on the poster. This project was worth 4 stars.

Sometimes a Fart Joke Makes You Cry

2. This project was all about minimalism and color for me, I definitely drew some inspiration from the Simply Clever minimalism section of Visual News. This project was worth 3 stars.

L’Air de Panache

3. I found myself referring to Karen Kavett’s introductory video on color theory frequently during this project. Her mention of the unattractive vibrating sensation that results through the use of analogous colors is part of what inspired me to recreate a more attractive, but equally striking project. This project was worth 3 stars.

Beware of the Failed Franchise

4. I may actually order this shirt, I’m glad that I was finally pushed to design what has merely been an idea for so long. The project was worth 2 stars.

Ferrous Wheel

5. I had a lot of fun with this assignment, I could create these images for hours on end. I think in my free time, I’m going to try to apply more concepts of design to projects like this. Once I become more adept in the use of GIMP and programs similar to it, I will be able to put more energy, time and effort into the design of the content than the logistics of its creation. This project was worth 3 stars.

We Were Already There

GIF Projects


Over and Under and Under and Over


Some People are like Bad Sushi

Additional Activity this Week

I made an effort to reach out to my DS106 cohorts with a few end-of-week questions:


Places To Visit


Make Your Own Data

Storytelling Through Design-


Event Advertisement

This week was definitely a greater challenge than the past week. I have always found the concepts of design rather easy to understand when presented in text and with examples, but when I am required to go out in search of those elements in the designs that exist in my world, I am struck by just how ignorant I often am to my surroundings. Design should be so well-thought out that it can go unnoticed, but I should be able to recognize the use of colors and typography and the many other design elements of my world. However, this is no easy task, and this week was particularly challenging because of that. This made the DesignBlitz my most challenging assignment. I took dozens of pictures for each of the design elements I chose to discuss and when I sat down in an attempt to analyze them further, it became apparent to me that I actually really did not know why I had chosen those images as representative of the characteristic. Ultimately, I found that analysis of design was most accessible to me in those contexts which I inherently analyzed designs. This included advertisements and packaging in stores.
I am most excited for what I learned this week in my use of GIMP. I was nervous initially when I saw the “Are We There Yet” assignment because I had absolutely no idea how to cut out a portion of one image and transfer it to another photo. However, by looking at tutorials created by previous students I was able to tease apart the methods. I am still frustrated with the GIMP tools that I don’t yet understand how to use, and I plan to research the application further so that I can make better use of it. I had to accept some of my projects before I felt I had truly created what I had envisioned just because I was unsure of how to manipulate the photos in the ways that I wanted. Even though my projects like “We Were Already There” and “Beware of the Failed Franchise” were slightly different from what I had originally intended, I am still proud of their outcome.
I also suffered a bit this week from my need to achieve the aesthetic that I hold so dear. My initial product for the “Warning” assignment did not at all come out as I had hoped, in fact it was quite ugly. So after having spent a little over an hour planning and creating it, I discarded the whole project and started again. I’m glad that I did this though because my final project is of much higher caliber, I’m not afraid to show it off like I would have been with the original. But, because I believe in learning from mistakes, I did post my original attempt in my Thoughts & Ideas category.
I was excited that I was able to incorporate a little biochemistry into my work this week, although I am sorry to anyone who has to read through it (I know it’s not the most riveting subject to most, but I’m completely captivated by it). Every time I am able to intertwine my passion with the artistic world, I feel like I’m proving to myself that art and science can coexist, so this really is a significant feat for me.
Of all the projects that I worked on this week, the GIF projects were my favorite once again. The “FIG” project was particularly fun because it required me to jump into Lake Tahoe again and again until my feet started to get a little numb. As I discussed in my first reflection, I feel as if we all have some instinctual sense of design. I found myself naturally placing text and arranging colors in ways that fulfilled the advice of the design resources I had consulted. Humans have a natural tendency to create beauty and functionality, however there were many instances in which I felt what I had created was off in some way that I couldn’t quite place. I have hardly any instinct at all when it comes to analyzing designs that I did not create, so this week was extremely educational for me.
I am becoming more comfortable with my online interface and I’m excited to break into a few more digital tools in the coming projects. I was able to improve upon my blog posts by embedding links in text and creating tutorials with screenshots for each project I made. During this upcoming week, I hope that I can use a few new tools and work on fictional storytelling. I’m a very realistic and practical person, so a little fiction would do me some good.

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