Shutter Speed

For my Photoblitz assignment (, I decided to take pictures in the house I’m staying in currently. The house has lots of windows and I decided to take my photos a few hours before sunset so the lighting in the house was ideal. This assignment was very challenging for me, I felt stressed and a little frantic as soon as the time started. I wanted to be sure to stay true to the assignment hoping that the time frame of fifteen minutes would force me to get creative. Of all the photos I took, the most difficult to think up was the one of my inanimate object. I was a little dissapointed by how basic that photo ended up being. I was particularly fond of the photo I took to represent joy and the photo for the perspective of an ant. The Joy photo is the pages of a book, stretching out toward a sunlit window. I hoped that this would be symbolic of the great joy of reading. I like my perspective photo because of the way that I chose to focus the camera, leaving the background blurred.

The Photo I chose as a metaphor for complexity was based on the complexity of a staring eye. Looking into the eyes of a stranger can begin to give you a sense of their own life and personal challenges. The object in the foreground is a hanging window decoration that adds distinct geometrical elements to the photo and deliberately frames my eye and outlines my head.

My most inventive photo is probably the photo for “Two Things That Don’t Belong Together.” Rather than placing two unlike objects alongside each other, I wanted to find some conflicting objects that were already standing side by side. This was my last photo that I took and was particularly difficult to settle upon. I had walked past these two photos numerous times before recognizing their contrast.

This assignment was more challenging than I thought it would be, the time constraint did however force my hand. I always want to maintain a particular aesthetic when I take photos. However I was in such a rush for much of this assignment that I had to think and act quickly, sometimes ignoring my instinct to take the most beautiful picture possible.

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