Everyone (Even Fred, the YouTuber?) is an Artist

You can learn to be an artist, according to Tim Owens, regardless of your major or interests you can incorporate what is learned through this class. You can hone these acquired skills and take them in numerous directions. I cannot use my major and minors as a means of avoiding my creative expression. I think that recently I have become lazy in my creativity because I’ve subscribed to the belief that art and science are entirely separate entities. But creativity is of immense importance along the course of scientific discovery. So many of the most profound scientific discoveries were through very uniquely designed studies, experiments that we teach in our introductory classes not because they are now universally applicable but because they were so novel that we must use them as a reminder that we cannot limit our own minds.
The discussion that we are more creative when we eat less food is compelling, I will have to put this to the test throughout the week. However I am definitely aware that I eat less food as I become more inundated with tasks to complete. Whether this is out of stress or because I am consumed with interest for what I am working on or because I simply eat far more when I bored remains to be determined. I’ve been a vegan for two and a half years and have been a vegetarian my entire life so shouldn’t I have been striking creative genius all along? How much more will I have to change my diet to become more creative? I really think that my diet is a result of my behavior and my attitude towards my work. However, I’m curious to see if I will be able to change my diet in a way that will boost my sense of creativity.
Similarly as in Vignelli’s cannon, Tim Owens expresses his belief that the accessibility of new tools of creation have begun to permanently alter the state of design. His mention of “Fred” the YouTuber who was popular several years ago is a great example. When I was younger, I was a fan of Fred, I thought his videos were hilarious. I had completely forgotten of his existence however and revisited one of his most popular videos as I was listening to this podcast:

I can’t believe these videos were ever entertaining to me, but they most certainly were a source of entertainment for me and an enormous audience at one point. Fred simply took advantage of the ways in which creation have been altered. The format became available to him, so he created his content and found his audience.
While the creators of this podcast seem to speak of this negatively, it really is an impressive feat. It would not be correct to classify Fred as an artist, and it’s compelling to dispel his work as mindless dribble with a mindless audience. But this will not change the fact that a young mind recognized the power he had in his creation and brought it to the world. Even if that creation is atrocious, his actions are remarkable. The internet has opened up the floor for so many “ordinary” people, from YouTube stars to vine stars and Instagram models. We view the internet as the new mode of discovery, a place to become a star. But nevertheless, it is also where we find our smallest groups of cohorts, where we post to the blog that only four people read. The internet is replacing the void we’ve been yelling into, and creation is evolving with it.
As I work through this week, I want to mull over these thoughts and ideas, I am feeling somewhat inspired. Maybe this class will help me find my niche in the virtual world of design, I’ve never felt as if I belong in the world of creativity while simultaneously feeling as if I have a captivating need to create. This week I’ll hunker down, eat lighter meals, drink more coffee (lots more coffee) and try to see the world around me for what it is: a design full of flaw and genius.

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