Final Project Tutorials

Tutorials for my final project:

In and Out of Tune

Story Time Fun Time!– Tell an audio story, use sound effects and music. This project is worth 3.5 stars.

The Tutorial-

All sound was recorded using the Voice Memo app on the iPhone. Sound bites were then imported to iTunes and converted to MP3 files so that they are compatible with Audacity.

All sound bites were edited using Audacity, unwanted content was cut out and sound effects were added.
Sound effects were downloaded from Free Sound, sound effects used included “Outdoor Party” by Dobride,”Happy Birthday Crowd” by Theuned and “Acoustic Guitar” By Franky Boomer.

Event Advertisement- – create a poster advertising for an event, in this case a garage sale. This project was worth 4 stars.

The Tutorial-

To complete this project, I simply copied and pasted a picture of the guitar to a PowerPoint slide and selected the design and fonts that I wanted for my poster. I then took a screenshot of the slide in full screen.


Hockney- make a collage of photos that resembles the art of David Hockney.  This project was worth 3.5 stars.




This project was made using Collage Maker  a website that allows you to take multiple photos and compile them into a single picture. First, I took pictures of the guitar, changing the center of the photo by a few inches with each new shot so that I ended up with about twenty pictures of different perspective. Then I uploaded those pictures to Collage Maker and overlapped them so that they formed a single, disjointed photo.


Caught Mid Action- Take a photo of an object in motion to alter its appearance. This project is worth 2 stars.


The Tutorial-

To create this photo, I simply took a one-handed photo with an iPhone while making the guitar twirl in my left hand.


Switch up the Mood– Alter hue and saturation to change the mood of a photo. This project is worth 2 stars.

The Tutorial-

To complete this project, I opened my photo using the Windows Photos App and used the editing options the program has to change the filter, hue and saturation of the pictures.


Self Documentary- Make a video about your own life, here is the self documentary as told by the guitar. This project is worth 4 stars.

The Tutorial-

All videos were filmed using the iPhone 7 and were then uploaded to a macbook. Videos were edited in length and sound to achieve desired duration and content.

Music was added using the site Free Music Archive, the song selected was “One More Round” by David Szesztay


5 Second Ending- An alternative ending to the story of the dejected guitar. This project is worth 4 stars.



The Tutorial-

This animated GIF was made using GIPHY and then embedded into the wordpress post.


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