Your Room is a Mess

Activity Time Lapse-Make a time lapse video of yourself doing a task.

The Story Behind the Story-

When I was in elementary school, we were often given an assignment in which we had to come up with an idea for an invention, something not necessarily practical but definitely useful. I always invented some variation on a machine that cleans your room for you.
My machine often took on those classic names like “the amazing clean-o-matic.” There were modiels that were like mechanical fishing poles, programmed to hook objects lying on the ground and identify their proper location. Even more spectacular was the model that made you more efficient as a cleaner, you would work at super sonic speed, racing around the room, folding socks in a blur. I remember so many summer days foiled by my mothers demands that I clean up my pig sty of a room, she would shout that it looked like a tornado had come through, that it was a fire hazard. It always got so treacherous in the summertime when there was much to be done. During the school year, there is plenty to procrastinate on and my bedroom was typically clean and tidy. But in the summers, as my room slowly descended into chaos, I could always sense when my mother’s breaking point would hit, and eventually the tension that only clutter can cause would boil over and I’d be ordered to clean. As I spent what could have been time outside playing kick the can and capture the flag with the neighborhood kids, I lamented in my torture wishing that my inventions could just become reality. I vowed to one day become an inventor who could actually create a room-cleaning machine to rescue the summer days of the children of the future.
Years later, and my room still becomes consumed by clutter in the summers. This summer, I have a roommate and he and I are particularly unkempt. We each work more than 40 hours a week and try to pack as much adventure into our days as we can, so our extremely small bedroom is easily overrun by dirty clothes, stained coffee mugs and sandy beach towels. I chose to complete a time lapse video of us cleaning up our room, to try and satisfy my past self who always wished she could clean her room at super sonic speed.I was inspired now, and as a kid, by Loonette’s Ten Second Tidies from the children’s show The Big Comfy Couch:


All of the footage for this video was taken on the iPhone 7 using the time-lapse setting. We had to create a mount on the wall using electrical tape so that we could get a vantage point that showed the messy floor of the room. The timelapse was then uploaded to a macbook computer and uploaded to iMovie.

The entire video was shot in a single take, so no editing of the footage was necessary.

Music was then added to the clip in the background, the original video did not have any audio.

The music used was “Camp Song (reprise)” by Fantastic Swimmers from the website Free Music Archive a site that provides music free for download with no copyright infringement.

The movie was then exported to a file acceptable for upload, although the file was too large to be uploaded to Vimeo or to be directly uploaded to my WordPress blog, so it was uploaded to my YouTube account.

Once the video was uploaded to YouTube, it was embedded in this WordPress blog post.

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