What a Hike

The Story Behind the Story-

In my attempt at My Very Own Spubble (http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/your-very-own-spubble/), I used a photo taken of my twin sister and me atop Old Rag Mountain in Madison County, Virginia. I’ve always loved this photo, the scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains is beyond picturesque, and the pose we struck gives the sense that we’re experiencing a truly beautiful moment of sisterly love. My sister (on the right) and I have always been extremely close and our relationship is built on jokes. We have rarely ever been serious with each other, and this project perfectly depicts the sarcastic, joking nature the two of us share. My sister Katie and I are so dissimilar that it always has been a running joke that one of us must be adopted.

If you’ve never visited the Blue Ridge mountains, this video may entice you:

The Tutorial-

To create my spubble, I downloaded the photo editing app “GIMP.” The app has several tools that allow you to edit photos. For this project, I used the ellipse tool to create oval outlines which I then filled in with the paint tool using the opaque, white option. To add the stems of the speech bubbles, I had to export the now edited photo from GIMP and uploaded it to an online photo editing tool called Aviary (https://aviary.com/). GIMP prevented me from using the drawing tool due to the active layer pixels of the photo being locked, an issue I was unable to resolve. Using the drawing tool on Aviary, I drew thick lines from the bubbles to indicate which person was speaking each line. The thinnest line option from Aviary was too thick so I used the eraser tool to trim the lines into thin, pointed lines. Finally, I downloaded the finished product to my computer and embedded the media file in this post.

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