Sometimes a Fart Joke Makes You Cry

Truthful Movie Poster-Create a more honest version of a movie poster

The Story Behind the Story

The human existence is sorrowful and futile, we are alone or we are insincerely together. We are traversing along a path that seems too passable. What is thrown at us we do not conquer, we simply absorb. But we have the power to see it all a little differently. Delusion is something of a gift in this world. There is a soundtrack to your adventure that you can play in your head, beautifully haunting harmonies, an acapella humming that buzzes so loudly in your ears you lose track of where you are. Your ribs are rattled by the deep baritones and your eyes squint as tears form at their corners with the pierce of the sopranos. It does not matter if what you see is beautiful with this music in your ears.

The Original Poster

In nearly every way, Swiss Army Man is the complete antithesis of my preference. I hate all things crude and crass, rarely will I laugh at a stooping slapstick joke. But sometimes a fart joke will make you cry. This film is an exquisitely strange experience, it leaves you feeling awkward and uncomfortable, ashamed and disheartened. It recreates what it means and feel like to be human. I cannot watch this movie in the presence of another person, I think it was a film created specifically to be watch in solitude. The plot follows a man who appears to be stranded on a desert island, on the verge of killing himself when he discovers the body of a man who supposedly died at sea. Soon he discovers that the partially reanimated corpse is his best chance at finding his way home, and he embarks on a great odyssey, teaching his discovered friend how to be human along the way.

The innocence and confusion of the discovered man as he learns how to become human draws the main character out of his stupor, inspiring him to change his life as soon as he returns to it. They conquer the simplest insecurities that make us all so plainly human, every moment of this unlikely tail is extremely relatable and matched with the incredible soundtrack developed by Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra. I chose this project not because I want to make fun of this movie (which I think is really the intention of the assignment) but because I love it so dearly and yet it is so unlike me or my usual film tastes. I wanted to outline the simplicity of the plot: there are a lot of fart jokes, you’re going to feel extremely strange. But that is what it is to be human.
This poster is a great test of design skills as it very abstractly demonstrates symmetry. Symmetry does not require mirror images reflecting off of each other. Symmetry can also come in the form of contrast. Paul Dano (on the left in the poster) represents humanity and the living, whereas Daniel Radcliffe represents the inhuman and the dead. Despite the imbalance of my poster which weighs heavily on the right side, there is an abstract symmetry displayed within the context of this design. This video is what awakened me to all the ways in which symmetry can be demonstrated:

The Tutorial-

To make this movie poster, I first downloaded the original movie poster and opened it in GIMP. Once in GIMP, I then used the free select tool to cut out the Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. Once I had completed the selection process, outlining the portion of the photo I wanted to remove, I clicked Edit>Cut.

From there, I opened another photo in a new GIMP page. With the new background open, I clicked Edit>Paste and the picture I had recently cut appeared over this background photo, but GIMP was still an elusive tool to use and I could not get the image to appear the way I wanted so I just pasted my baackground photo to a PowerPoint page and worked from there. I positioned the image the way I wanted, and added the text I wanted to. It was challenging to find a font that resembled the original movies poster but I selected “Mistral” which seems relatively similar. I recreated the Sundance Film Festival logo using an image from The Noun Project  created by Lesley Hunt.

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