Some People are like Bad Sushi


Favorite Musician GIF- Make a GIF from a music video created by one of your favorite artists

The Story Behind the Story-

When we eat something that leaves a sour taste in our mouth or leaves us feeling ill, we develop an aversion. A strong dislike or disinclination. This can be true of many of the things we are exposed to in life. Tastes, smells, sounds and sights. Even people and their names that we associate with less than satisfactory experiences. I’ll never really like a Xander or an Alexis, they wont even know why. I’ll just keep feeling that reminiscent sense of having been slighted. Many of the names I have developed a disliking towards occurred through very insignificant events in my life, others more significant. I don’t know what the real life Trevor did to the members of Tame Impala, but it was enough to inspire this song and its music video:

This video, while uniquely artistic with intriguing visuals, is quite the cliche. It tries to tell the story of breaking the status quo, leaving the school’s top jock in a painful state of unrequited love while the school mascot (appropriately given the simple and somewhat nerdy name, Trevor) gets the girl. I think this is a bit of a tired plot. The first time anyone was brave enough to let the nerd get the girl, I’m sure it made for a great and heartwarming story. But this has been repeated so many times over that the breaking of the status quo is creating a new banality. Tame Impala at least has the integrity to make the video a match for their neo-psychedelic music, even though it tells a tired story it gives the viewers a burst of sensually colorful scenes complete with animations. I chose my favorite portion of this trippy video to make the GIF above.

The Tutorial-

To create this GIF, I copied the URL for the original music video from YouTube and pasted it into the GIF maker from GIPHY, a GIF-making site that also has a stockpile of GIFs, free to download.

I then altered the start and end time to customize the clip to the duration of my choosing, and then clicked Create GIF and then Share>Embed to get the link that I copied to this post to embed the animation.

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