Over and Under and Under and Over

Turn a GIF into a FIG- Create a GIF and then throw it into reverse.

The Story Behind the Story-

When a moment unfolds in the exact right order, each progression is stitched together, thrown into a fluid singularity. Any falters or missteps are obvious and predictable. But when in reverse, these moments do not fall apart as smoothly as they came together. They crumble and flake apart, scenes push on each other, bunching up like a imperfectly coiled rope. There is some discomfort in viewing this process, we don’t want to see what we’ve done become undone yet again. But there is definitely beauty in the reverse.
Here I go with my GIFs and memories again. I’ve discussed how much I treasure my memories and that I think GIFs are the perfect outlet for the my desire for moments to reach infinity here. The reverse GIF is the ultimate representation of endlessness for me. Now if I’m being honest, this isn’t a true reverse GIF, this is a “Ping Pong” GIF, in which the video proceeds in the normal forward direction but is then reverts after the final frame, playing the whole clip over again in reverse. This concept was almost certainly designed with me in mind. I can live for the moment, in the moment and then relive it all over again. I can see my moments from new angles, see them build themselves up and then undo them over again.

The Tutorial

I initially created my GIF using GIPHY but when I attempted to use the special effects option on the site, I was unable to download my reversed GIF:

So I took my unedited GIF to EZGIF, a site that performs many of the same basic functions as GIPHY. I was able to apply the pingpong effect on the GIF and then download the video. Unfortunately, EZGIF does not seem to provide a link to embed the GIFs you create, so I had to insert the GIF as a media file from my computer to this page, so it appears still until you select it at which point the GIF will open in a separate window.

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