Emotions Through Sound-Tryto convey a certain emotion by combining sound effects

Maybe it’s cliché that I chose to replicate happiness through the sounds of nature. But I thought for a very long time about what sounds make me happy, and they are the sounds of being outdoors. The sounds that bring me closer to the world I’ve always wished was a bigger part of me. The sounds of gentle breezes and rushing water and buzzing insects will always comfort me. When I hear the sound of a dove cooing, I am instantly transported to childhood summers where I laid my back against sun-warmed pavement and let soft breezes glance just slightly off of the surface of my skin.
And the sound of soft breezes as they swirl through leaves, causing them to rattle and shiver, will always be far more impressive than a strong gust of wind. These sounds make me feel warm as if sunlight is kissing my skin, even as I type away at this in a dark room. These are sounds of freedom from obligation and the gift of simplicity. And I do think everyday would be better if it ended with a thunderstorm.
I chose this assignment because it was truly a challenge, no sense alone is truly sufficient to convey emotion. Through sound, emotion would best be recreated using dialogue or at least human sounds. But I wanted to try and do this in a slightly abstract way. Because human emotion is an abstraction in itself. Once again the power of sound has impressed me. When I close my eyes and listen to this track I am instantly relieved, I am transported. These sound effects, low in quality and inexpertly mixed are enough to move me.

I took inspiration from this video which is centered heavily around the sounds of the woods of Georgia. Even though it is a video, I would argue that the sense that is most targeted by this content is hearing.

The Tutorial-

To create this sound clip, I first downloaded sounds from Free Sound.


Once the clips were downloaded, I opened a list of them in a separate clipboard to keep track of each one that I used in order to properly acknowledge credit.

The sound clips used in this project include:

Bansemer: birds morning dove song birds st Augustine april
Lebcraftlp: heavy rain
Soundkrampf: creek
Duck duck pony: foliage rustling
Le-abbaye-noirlac: tree rustling

I then opened the sound clips using audacity and merged them, overlapping some of them to generate a new combination of sounds. I used the fade in and fade out effects in several positions along the sound bits. When the project was finished, I exported it and uploaded it to my SoundCloud account to be published and then embedded in this post.

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  1. Great audio post. I feel like I am a person who’s living in the city on a rainy day. You’re sounds make it easy for the audience to follow. You were straight forward, but you added complexities into your simple recipe which made it great!

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